Tony Rudge



Director Geophysical Consultant

  • Consulting to Perth Basin O&G Exploration Company undertaking a 3D seismic survey. Duties include heritage, environmental and permitting, acquisition planning and supervision. Completed Walyering 3D – 2019
  • Consulting to Perth Basin O&G Exploration Company undertaking seismic exploration (Mogumber 2D) and an airborne geophysical survey.
  • Geophysical consulting for an airborne survey to a new venture for Special Prospecting Application blocks in the Officer Basin, Western Australia. Currently converting to EP’s.
  • Consulting to a large E&P company for multiple seismic projects within the Perth Basin.
  • Consulting to a US based company to undertake a large 3D seismic survey in the Canning Basin.
  • Consulting to a O&G company for a microseismic project
  • Consulted to a seismic survey company for DMIRS Goldfields seismic survey
  • Consulted to Gas storage company for the Tubridgi 3D seismic survey
  • Seismic survey design for a mineral exploration company in the Goldfields
  • Seismic supervision of the Meda 2D seismic survey in the Canning Basin for Rey Resources. Completion of Geochemical survey
  • Consulting to Hong Kong based Oil and Gas Exploration Company, conducting subsurface evaluation of new ventures in Kalimantan, Indonesia.
  • Evaluation of new venture Texas Leases in the Midland Basin and Val Verde Basins.
  • Consulting to Estrella Resources (Nickel Exploration Company) undertaking seismic exploration (Carr Boyd 2D)
  • Consulting to small cap mining companies for hard rock seismic surveys.

2009 – Oct 2016BURU ENERGY LTD

Senior Geophysicist

  • Geophysical exploration, including planning reflection seismic surveys, permitting, environmental management, acquisition, processing and interpretation.
  • Completed six consecutive campaigns of 2D (~3500 km) and 3D (~1250 km2) seismic acquisition in the Canning Basin on time, under budget with no environmental or safety incidents. Pioneered the use of geophysical seismic nodal system in the Canning Basin.

Resume Tony Rudge

Page 1 of 4April 2018

  • Review previous seismic surveys, reprocessing and interpretation and integration with potential field geophysics including depth imaging.
  • Acquisition of Airborne Gravity Gradiometry and integration with existing geophysical database. Co-authored a paper on the King Sound Area with colleagues from Fugro Airborne. Completed the acquisition of the largest airborne gravity gradiometry survey in Australia. Presented results at the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists conference 2015 and further results at the Airborne Gravity Workshop at the ASEG 2016.
  • Pioneered an automated seismic picking workflow over the Bunda 3D seismic survey including prospect generation and maturation and subsequently published a technical paper at the West Australian Basin Symposium in 2013. This has benefitted through reduced horizon picking time and increased geological interpretation time.
  • Pioneered the use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in the objective measurement of seismic line rehabilitation.
  • Established in-house microseismic monitoring program for 2015 hydraulic fracturing program at Valhalla North 1 and Asgard
  • Highlights include: Two commercial oil discoveries at Ungani and Ungani Far West and establishment of Laurel Tight gas project


Senior Geoscientist

  • Responsible for all aspects of geophysical exploration, including planning reflection seismic surveys, acquisition, processing and interpretation.
  • Collection, processing and interpretation of potential field data including airborne gravity and magnetic data.
  • Field supervision of seismic surveys, and other geological and geophysical exploration techniques.
  • Liaison with environmental, geological, cultural and associated contractors. Highlights include: successful completion of two large land seismic surveys and winning Northern Territory Geological Survey grant for acquiring gravity data in central Australia.

2005 – 2006AMMTEC LTD


  • Responsible for all aspects of metallurgical flotation, from batch to pilot scale.
  • Implementing and running a very large sample and equipment warehouse.
  • Direct control of all metallurgical samples coming in and out of Ammtec and also environmentally sound disposal of unwanted samples.
  • Supervision of a team of 4-5 workers, which help me run a smooth operation
  • First Aid Officer


MWD/LWD Field Engineer

  • Responsible for all aspects of building pulsers, measurement while drilling equipment for the use in a bore hole assembly.
  • Recording of surveys, including sonic, nuclear and directional information for oil/gas wells.

Resume Tony Rudge

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Project Leader Geophysicist for the Land Department

Responsible for all aspects of 2D and 3D processing for land and transition zone surveys, including full Kirchoff pre-stack time migration, preserved amplitude processing and amplitude versus offset processing.


Research & Technical Assistant

Responsible for preparation of maps and plate tectonic reconstructions in collaboration with specialists in the field. Some programming in C++, for input into a plate reconstruction package.


1998 2000Monash University

Masters of Science

Thesis Title: Reprocessing and reinterpretation of reflection seismic data from

central Australia

1995 – 1997Monash University

Bachelor of Science (Geology & Geophysics)


Advanced skills using Seismic Interpretation Packages using Kingdom, Seisnetics, Petrel

Advanced GIS technical skills using MapInfoDiscover, Discover 3D programs, ARC GIS

Advanced word and data processing using MS Office Packages including, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project


Moore, J., Hull, R., Shelokov, V., Rudge, T., Shields, J., The Canning Basin of Western Australia, Discovering Unconventional Opportunity, UrTec 2020

Feijth, J., Cevallos, C., Rudge, T. and Parsons, M., 3D Interpretation of the tectono-sedimentary evolution and hydrocarbon prospectivity by the integration of Airborne Gravity Gradiometer, 2D seismic, magnetic and regional gravity data in the Canning Basin, Western Australia, AAPG Bulletin v103 No.3 P 569-604

Kovac, P., Lindsay, B., Rudge, T., Cevallos, C., 2013, Intrasedimentary structure and basement architecture from high resolution gravity gradiometer, magnetic and seismic data; King Sound, Canning Basin, Western Australia, AAPG Bulletin, V. 97, No. 10 (October 2013), P. 15971620

Dirstein, J.K., Rudge, T., Stanley, A. and Li, R., 2013 Insights from the automated extraction of surfaces from the Bunda 3D seismic survey, WABS Conference 2013

Feijth, J., Cevallos, C., Rudge, T. and Edwards, P., Interpreting 2D seismic with the assistance of Falcon Airborne Gradiometer data in the Canning Basin, ASEG extended abstracts 2015 (1) 104

Rudge, T., Feijth, J., Dirstein, J., and Hroncek, S., New Geological Insights from the Barbwire Terrace using

Resume Tony Rudge

Page 3 of 4April 2018

Falcon Data, Canning Basin, ASEG extended abstracts 2015 (1) 104

Feijth, J., Cevallos, C., Rudge, T. and Edwards, P., Basin Architechture From Gravity Gradiometer and Seismic Data, South Western Margin of the Fitzroy Trough and Gregory Sub-Basin, Canning Basin, Western Australia, AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Melbourne 2015

Feijth, J., Cevallos, C., Rudge, T, Tectonsedimentary evolution of the Canning Basin using Falcon Gravity Gradiometer, submitted to AAPG Bulletin 24/10/16


2015Senior First Aid and Crisis Management Training

2013Senior First Aid and Fire Warden Training

2013Seismic Inversion course

20103D Seismic design and acquisition


2008VSP, Discover 3D and Kingdom

2008Kingdom Training

2006Experienced Supervisors Toolkit

2004Demultiple and AVO Techniques

2003Project and Time Management

2003Geoland acquisition software and Geomig 3D sesmic viewer

2002Noise and Multiple Attenuation, Seismic Processing and Crustal Heat Flow

2001Tectonic Plate Kinematics

1999Advanced Petroleum Geology, Geophysics Field Camp, Fold and Thrust Structures, Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis


National Light Truck & Car Drivers Licence

National Heavy Vehicle Medium Rigid Truck Licence



Marine Boat Licence


Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG)
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)


Available on request.